Games Rules

Take care when setting password. If you get your account stolen it's your fault

Using someone else's account without permission is forbidden,this is hack and who do it it's permanent banned

Use anti-virus software to protect your computer vs hacking programs/keyloggers

Insult other Players ( in an extreme way) - Using offensive/insulting nicknames

You are not allowed to farm PvPs or get killing spree from an alt or a friend

You are not allowed to Buy/Sell items and/or accounts life currency

It is forbidden to use bad words, in any form in character names, clan names or titles

It is forbidden to use bad words (swear), in any form (abbreviated, symbols, full text)

It is forbidden insults against a nation, racism or any kind of insult that is against the law, players who do this will be permanent banned.

About us
L2Relic is an open-source private server for the famous Pride style game Lineage II. Interlude Client with an Interlude game-play, and new remarkable features.

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